User Agreement

This document describes the agreement between Peace Ray LLC and users of Quantro™. Specific information regarding Peace Ray's privacy policy can be found here.

This software is provided 'as-is,' without any express or implied waranty. Peace Ray LLC and the creators of this app will not be held liable for any damages arising from the use of this software.

Although Peace Ray has made every effort to ensure that the contents of this document accurately reflect the behavior of this app ("Quantro") and the policies applied by Peace Ray, mistakes do occur. Peace Ray LLC and the creators of this app will not be held liable for any inconsistencies.

Peace Ray reserves the right to clarify or alter this user agreement at any time.

Active Development

Quantro is no longer in active development and bugs may be present when run on current or future Android OS devices. Problems or connection failures may occur during multiplayer sessions. Internet multiplayer requires communication with an external server, which may experience indefinite downtime; the availability of this feature is not guaranteed.

Supported Devices

Quantro is available on devices running Android™ 4.4 and is optimized for high-end devices. Performance may suffer and certain features may not be available on lower-end hardware, or devices using earlier versions of Android. These features include high-framerate rendering and multiplayer gameplay.

Appropriate Usage

Quantro includes features that communicate with other devices and with remote servers. App users should not attempt to disrupt, intercept or otherwise interfere with these communications, whether they originate from the user's device, other devices, or a remote server.

Users of WiFi or Internet multiplayer should show respect for other players at all times. This includes playing fairly (e.g. not using exploits or cheats) and avoiding the use of insulting, derogatory or explicit terms in lobby names, chats, or other text. Peace Ray makes no guarantee that users will not encounter these actions on the part of other players.

Unlocking Features and Content

Quantro previously featured premium content which was locked until purchased in-app. This release features all previously premium content for free, for everyone.

Internet Multiplayer

Internet multiplayer is an experimental feature. Its availability and the quality of service is not guaranteed in either the short- or the long-term. Internet multiplayer service may be suspended at any time for any reason, and for any number of users.

Privacy and Messaging

Internet multiplayer is not currently in active development, but hypothetical future versions may require limited access to your personal information. This access would be entirely at your discretion and no personal information will be collected without your permission.

More detailed information is available in Quantro's privacy policy.

Quantro, Peace Ray, and the Q logo are trademarks of Peace Ray LLC.
Android is a trademark of Google Inc.