Privacy Policy

This document describes Peace Ray LLC's policy regarding the private data of Quantro™ users. The complete user agreement can be found here.

Within this document, "Peace Ray" refers to Peace Ray LLC and representatives thereof, "Quantro" refers to the Android™ app with package name com.peaceray.quantro running on an end-user's device, "Quantro servers" refers to the multiplayer and activation servers accessed by Quantro over the Internet, and "you" refers to the Quantro end user.

General Information

Quantro collects analytical usage data in an anonymized form. You can turn this off. Analytics data is only used to improve Quantro and will not be shared with anyone outside of Peace Ray.

Items available in the premium store require online activation before use. Activation is one-time only and need not be repeated unless your Android device ID changes (e.g. if you install a customized OS).

Internet multiplayer is an experimental feature undergoing rapid changes and periods of inaccessibility. Use of Internet multiplayer may at some point require limited access to your personal information. This access will be entirely at your discretion.

Previous versions of Quantro's Internet multiplayer was limited to registered beta-testers and required access to specific user information. This information was and will not be distributed or shared with anyone outside of Peace Ray.

If and when future updates to Internet multiplayer make access to user data necessary, this privacy policy will be updated to reflect the specifics. You will always be asked for permission before any personal data is collected. Peace Ray respects your privacy.


Quantro collects anonymous usage data and transmits this data to the Flurry Analytics servers. You can disable this feature through the Settings menu. The data collected is only used to improve Quantro.

Although the collected data is anonymous, it is associated with a unique Android device ID by default. This device ID is a random number containing no personal information, but it can be used to link different pieces of data together as originating from the same device. You can choose not to include your device ID in analytics data via the Settings menu.

Global Leaderboards

Leaderboards are provided by Scoreloop, and have their own user agreement. The only information provided to Scoreloop by this app, other than information explicitly entered by the user in this or other Scoreloop programs, is the final result of each ranked game (score, level, rows cleared).

Premium Content

Premium content acquired via in-app purchase is associated with your Google account and your Android device ID. Premium items received directly for app promotion, including those using "Quantro XL" promotional keycodes, are associated with the identity of the promotion recipient and Android device ID. If you unlock any premium items your purchase record (if any) and device ID are transmitted to and stored on the Quantro servers as part of the content activation process.

When Quantro is installed on a device with a new Android device ID, activation must be repeated. This can happen if you uninstall Quantro, download Quantro to a new Android device, or install a customized OS.

Activating any premium item (by purchase or promotional gift) will remove ads on the device until your Android device ID changes. Except under that circumstance, activation is a one-time process. Quantro will not "re-check" the validity of an activated key with a valid device ID.

Quantro, Peace Ray, and the Q logo are trademarks of Peace Ray LLC.
Android is a trademark of Google Inc.